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Silver Artifacts

Durga silver Works are the leading silver manufacturing organization that has delivered some fantastic variants from its silver treasure. The silver used in the artifacts is pure and sturdy. The silver artifacts online are usually purchased for the enhancement of the home decor, but people can gift these articles at weddings to shower their love and blessing. Buy silver artifacts to showcase your love for the beloved ones and pamper them to the fullest. The silver items manufactured by the organization are different from each other through which one can have various options to choose from these silver items.

Why DSW is the best for buying silver artifacts

Silver items displayed by the Durga Silver Works is very different from other brands because one can choose from the various options available. If they want the items to be unique, which includes their personal touch, then they can reach online silver artifacts by DSW, where people can preferably customize their silver product as per their thoughts. The silver chosen to crave the artifacts is very sturdy and durable for years. Ther varieties which are displayed on the website will be the same when delivered, so there is no chance of duplicity.

Explore the wide range of silver artifacts online

Durga Silver Works has many pure silver artifacts online from which people can choose to purchase. There are many different varieties of silver artifacts that one can buy. These are silver coal stove, silver designer pots with a handle, designer pot with two handles, silver tulsi, silver gada, silver decorative bow, silver decorative sindoor holder, silver sindoor holder with appealing designs. These silver artifacts price is set as per the wholesale rates, which are reasonable in comparison to the competitive market.

Reason to buy Silver artifacts from DSW

Durga Silver Works works progressively to maintain its diversity in silver items. The silver artifacts items have designs that seem to be delicate but are robust, and one can showcase them for years. The organization has the best options available, which are delivered at the doorstep, and one does not have to get stuck in traffic for hours to find one best product for his home or for someone whom he wants to gift. DSW is a one-stop shopping place to shop for silver artifacts online, which will ultimately be the experience for online shopping.

Facilities Offered by us to Our Customers

Durga Silver Works has various facilities that they provide to their customers for the best experience in silver artifacts online shopping. The amenities provided are

  • One can place an order with a phone call and state to them which particular product they want, and the courier will be delivered at his doorstep.
  • All sorts of payment methods are accepted like COD, online payments with debit/credit cards, net banking, and cheques.
  • There is no free shipping on the orders, and shipping charges are applied to all types of orders placed at Durga Silver Works
  • The organization happily accepts bulk orders. There is no minimum placement of orders, and one can place the order with low or higher quantity.


  • Do the silver items insured when delivered?
    Ans. Yes, the shipment delivered is always insured.
  • The silver used to make the silver artifacts is pure?
    Ans. Yes, the silver from which the artifacts are produced is pure.
  • How I can place an order?
    Ans. The order can be placed by giving a call, let them know which product you like and the order will be placed.
  • Do you accept payment through net banking?
    Ans. Yes, payment through net banking is accepted.