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Offerings that are cynosure of all
eyes with detailed yet elegant designs.

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Exquisite designs that are sure to
awestruck the onlookers

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Ornament your abode with appealing silver items of DSW and amplify
its charisma with the shine and charm of these alluring décor items

Gift Items

Gift Items

Bestowing your near and dear ones with silver items could wrap
them with mirth and merriment



Artifacts offering not only can be used to adorn your place
but also epitomize strength and robustness

Religious Idols

Religious Idols

Bring home incredibly designed and beautifully carved idols
for peace and calmness of mind. Dive into the divinity
with the religious idol offerings by DSW

Our Heritage and History


We endeavor to offer our customers
the Silver Lining they are looking for

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Our Artwork

Overview of the Durga Silver Work

Durga Silver Works focuses on bringing Indian traditions with a discerning modern touch, which thus produces a piece that is an endeavor by all the customers

Silver manufacturing is undergoing from the past many decades, and is worn by our ancestors. Durga Silver Works is in existence from the year 1987. This organization is the position in Nokha, Bikaner. The company serves its quality silver products online, which is loved by the end-users.

Durga Silver Works ensures to deliver each silver item online, which is beautifully crafted for the people who love buying silver products. The silver used in making the products is purely certified, which satisfies the customer.

Buy and send pure silver pooja items online

India has a culture to worship god, goddesses, and gurus as to get their blessings to nurture their life. People get pure silver products online so that they choose the best for their worship place. There are multiple pooja items that Durga Silver Works provides to its customers.

The organization beautifully crafted the silver worship set, Krishna silver statue, and Radha Krishna silver statue. People like to decorate their worship place with different kinds of silver items online, which enhances the beauty of the site.

Choose from the Wide Range of Silver Items

Durga Silver Works has preserved the Indian traditions by using silverware in the various manifestations like gift items, decor, artifacts, and many such, which are mentioned below with a brief note. Anyone can buy silver items online as they are in varied sizes and spades to enhance the interior of your homes.

  • SILVER GIFT ITEMS - Silver gifts are very essential in Indian and western cultures. Durga silver works have various gifting options like silver coins and bars, sindoor holders, silver containers, silver toys. People can buy silver items online so that they can get all the variants.
  • SILVER POOJA ITEMS - Indian cultures tend to serve their god and goddess in a unique way. So they bring silver pooja items wherein it involves agarbatti and Diya stand, bowl, glass, plate to serve food, and various things as well.
  • SILVER UTENSILS - People are still abode by their past traditions, and they have their special meals on in silver utensils. There are some utensils like vessels in different variants, the combo of bowls and plate, and many items. People buy silver items online to satisfy needs.
  • SILVER DINING SET - The Indian royal families, have a tradition to have food in silver utensils for that DSW have showcased the dinnerware in silver. The dinnerset involves silver plates, bowls, glasses. People who love getting these buy silver products online.
  • SILVER DECOR ITEMS - Decoration is an essential aspect of any home. Silver decor items online are there to refresh your interiors by providing multiple options such as silver wall hanging, silver wildlife collection, a silver cow with delicate designs, silver birdcage, and more such precious items.
  • SILVER ARTIFACTS ITEMS - many silver artifacts will attract you in every way. These decorative silver items are not usual to the sight, and often catch your attention to place them at your place. They are silver coal stove, silver pots with handle, silver tulsi, and many other items
  • SILVER PLATES - The silver items are always appealing, and when it is a silver plate by Durga silver works, it is more to go because having special meals or serving your lord in these silver plates is such a pure act of worship.
  • SILVER COINS - Showing your blessing through these silver coins is a late back tradition that Indians follow. Gifting these silver coins by Durga silver works will surely make them feel special.

Why Durga Silver Works is best for Buying Silver Items Online

Silver is a precious metal when we talk of any health benefits from the ore. Silver has been a part of life for centuries across all the cultural. Silver keeps the anger balanced and also helps in balancing the mood swings after wearing it. Let’s know some important aspects of the Durga silver works,

  • Material - The products manufactured by the Durga silverworks are durable and sturdy. The raw silver for making the silver items is carefully selected to get beautiful results.
  • Design - silver items designs are very intricate and delicate, but at the same time, it is durable for years to come. The designs embossed on the silver is not the usual designs. Durga silver works also encourage special orders for their customers.
  • Silver purity - Durga silver works ensures the purity of silver as we are in the industry from very decades and are known to the market trends. The customers can trust product without hesitating and thinking twice.
  • Packaging - being a leading silver products vendor in India Durga silver works, we deliver the products in tight packaging so that the silver items shop online doesn’t get affected.


  1. How to place an order for silver artifacts and other silver items?
    Ans. select the item you like, call the organization they will place the order and will be delivered at the address mentioned.
  2. Do Durga silver works customize order as per the personal requirement?
    Ans. Yes, DSW does customize the order.
  3. At what time I will receive my order?
    Ans. the ready silver item will be delivered in2- 5 days; customize silver item will be delivered in 10- 20 days.
  4. Does DSW purchase old silver?
    Ans. Yes, DSW accepts old silver.
  5. How should I take care of pure silver items?
    Ans. Store the silver in dry place at room temperature. When you wash your silverware with hot water just after using it, do take care to dry it thoroughly and also use mild detergent as using harsh detergents can harm the metal.